Direct Peptides helping you lose weight and stay ahead of the game!

Direct Peptides Ireland helping you lose weight and stay ahead of the game!

Direct Peptides’ weight loss packages Ireland contain products that have been specially selected to complement each other. You can choose to make a single purchase of a weight loss package, or you can take advantage of the subscription offer.

Weight loss package subscriptions are available on a monthly or quarterly basis; a 30-day or 90-day supply will be delivered on time, straight to your door via a tracked delivery service. The subscription offer ensures that you will never have to worry about running out of your favourite products again, and you will benefit from a generous discount too.

You can also buy any of the weight loss products separately, and as an experienced supplier, Direct Peptides can offer expert help and advice on which of their products are right for you. Discounts are available for multi buys, and you will receive a ten per cent discount off your first order.

Treating Obesity with AOD9604

Introduction to AOD-9604 Ireland AOD-9604 is a fragment of a peptide of the C-terminus of the Human Growth Hormone. Tyrosine is added at the N-terminal end of this peptide. Just…

Peptide Therapy: Ipamorelin and CJC-1295

Ipamorelin & CJC-1295 Ireland The cosmetic industry has been gaining a high demand from people of all ages. With unhealthy lifestyle and too much exposure to UV-rays, men and women…

Hexarelin Best Kept Secret

Hexarelin Best Kept Secret What Is Hexarelin? Hexarelin is a GHRP (Growth Hormone releasing peptide). Hexarelin stimulates your hypothalamus and pituitary gland and increases growth hormone output. It’s a growth…

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Range of popular weight loss products

Direct Peptides is a leading and trusted name in European-based peptides, as well as a selection of other medical research liquids.

Weight Loss Peptides – Direct Peptides Ireland

  • Ipamorelin increases fat metabolism, hence when age becomes a factor in your capability of losing weight, this peptide creates a more efficient and faster process.
  • HGH-Frag reduces the most stubborn belly fat, increases muscle mass and IGF-1 levels effectively, hence making it a peptide that burns fat plus exhibits anabolic function.
  • CJC NO-DAC is a peptide that increases growth hormone production in your body to help in muscle growth and weight loss.
  • MGF is a growth/repair factor derived from damaged or exercised muscle tissue. The peptide stimulates muscle growth, promotes muscle recovery, creates new muscle fibres and increases protein synthesis.
  • Hexarelin is a GHRP that stimulates your pituitary gland and hypothalamus, and it increases the output of GH. Hexarelin’s benefits include faster healing, rapid fat loss, more muscle fibres and increased muscle gain.
  • IGF-1 assists GH in its function; incorporating Insulin-like growth factor 1 into a balanced diet plus exercise regime increases the rate at which you will lose weight.
  • FTP is a peptidomimetic that’s classified as an experimental peptodomimetic. The peptide is believed to be future of simple, stress-free weight loss.
  • When HGH-191 is used in conjunction with an exercise regime and a balanced diet, it maximises GH production to promote the environment for increased lean muscle mass, faster recovery, improved sleep patterns and reduced mid-section plus body fat.
  • AOD-9604 is a modified human growth hormone fragment. It stimulates the destruction or breakdown of fat in your body (lipolysis) and inhibits lipogenesis (the metabolic formation of fat) in your body.
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